Description BC ASTARTA

ComfortWe are green

Unique approach to 'green' space arrangement business-center ASTARTA is supported by using the certified equipment of the highest class. Check out the specifications and solutions.


Ceiling height in offices 3.32 m

Kone elevator equipment, speed 1.75 m/s, total number of elevators - 19

"9 to 11 storeys Typical floor space: Block 1 - 1812 sq.m, Block 2 - 1275 sq.m, Block 3 - 890 sq.m"


Shuco Energy-efficient Windows

2 Independent Power Inputs

Electric Vehicles Charging Solutions


Buderus Autonomous Heating System, Roof Gas Boiler

Multi-zone climate control system. Combined extract and input ventilation with recuperation

Modern security system
High-speed Internet

Space for growth

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