Description BC ASTARATA

Description BC ASTARTA

ASTARTA Business Center is the first business center in Ukraine built in compliance with green technology and certified according to the international standard BREEAM International 2013 (Interim).


ASTARTA Business Center is the only office building in Ukraine, having a courtyard with outdoor seating area for its tenants and guests: a fancy garden, a green lawn, an illuminated fountain, convenient benches, small architectural objects, and a summer terrace.


The viewing terraces and a walkable roof enabling to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in Kiev, will allow you to turn your attention or relax for a few moments before having an important meeting.


The infrastructure of the Business Center is based on the “city in the city” concept: here you can find a household service area, bank departments and post offices, a notary office, a travel agency, a restaurant, a coffee house, a canteen, and a car wash. The adjacent building has a big supermarket, Salateira restaurant, and Podolskyy club for active rest. Thanks to a well-developed transport and pedestrian scheme on the first underground floor, it takes only 2 minutes to get into it without going outside. Podolskyy club has a large children’s playroom where your child can enjoy playing for a whole day long.


ASTARTA Business Center has an underground and aboveground parking garage with 462 parking lots, a charging station for electric vehicles and a special infrastructure for cyclists: a bike parking with 122 parking lots and restroom facilities where you can take a shower and change your cloths to start a new working day in a comfortable way.

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